Annoucement for ICIESC PArticipants

  1. We would like to remind that the ICIESC 2021 conference that will be held on:
    Tuesday, 31 August 2021 at 08.00 am with zoom platform
  2. Zoom link, meeting ID and passcode has been shared by committee by participant email
  3. Meeting rooms using the Zoom application will be open from 07.30 am (local time). We hope that participants can prepare themselves by logging into their respective Zoom accounts / joining meetings 10 minutes before the event starts.
  4. Link existing meeting ID is unique, please do not provide this ID to others.
  5. To simplify the verification process, please use your name in zoom as:
    Room number (Rxx)_ABS code_Presenter name
    example: R-1_ABS-3_Kana Saputra S
  6. During the event, the microphone from the participants will be deactivated by the committee. If there are questions regarding the material presented, it can be conveyed via chat meeting or raise hand/ Q&A, during the presentation session. Due to time constraints, only some of the questions that can be answered by the speaker.
  7. For Presenters, create a presentation in PPt format that will be presented in parallel ICIESC sessions with a maximum duration of 10 minutes followed by Q/A 5 minutes. The presentation file (in PPt) should be sent by email:, before 31 August 2021.The presentation slide contents are:
    Self introduction
    Background / Introduction

The further information regarding the ICIESC 2021 conference, including the main schedule, parallel session schedule, abstract list and virtual background of the conference are attached.

Download of  Bookprogram
virtual background of the conference

Thank you for your attention.
Chairperson of ICIESC 2021